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About the Canadian Wagyu Association

About the Canadian Wagyu AssociationIn the fall of 1991, the inaugural meeting of the Canadian Wagyu Association took place in Calgary. It took two years of intensive lobbying before the Association was incorporated, pursuant to the Animal Pedigree Act with respect to the Distinct Breed of Wagyu Cattle.

Almost immediately, the Canadian Simmental Association was contracted to maintain the Canadian Wagyu Registry. At the 1994 Annual General Meeting (AGM), 84 animals were registered and a good number were pending registration.

At the time of the 1993 AGM, there were 32 members. By the 1994 AGM, the membership had increased to 54 members.

Members have reported sales in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Europe. The best market has been Australia because of their heavy dependence on the Japanese market.