Canadian Wagyu Association

Canadian Wagyu Association
L'Association du Wagyu Canadien

Canadian Wagyu Administration Office
3501-57 St., Camrose, AB  T4V 4N2
Telephone: (780) 672-2990
Fax: (780) 672-6085

Wagyu Cattle Registration Office
General Delivery
Standard, AB  T0J 3G0
Telephone: (403) 644-2287
Fax: (403) 644-2299

Wagyu Breed Overview
Origin of the breed, and its history in North America
About the Canadian Wagyu Association
From our inaugural meeting in 1991 to today
Economic Traits - Why Breed Wagyu
Meat yield and beef marbling are just a few of the reasons
Board of Directors
Your current board of directors
Industry Links
Other sites of interest.
Getting Started in Wagyu - How We Can Help
Not sure how to begin? Click here!
Member Profiles
Detailed information on Wagyu breeders, as well as associated commercial beef operators.
Wagyu News
Wagyu News is published quarterly by the Canadian Wagyu Association.
Fee Schedule
Membership costs, registration fees, etc.