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Getting Started in Wagyu - How We Can Help

The first thing to do is join the Canadian Wagyu Association. This will give you access to the people who are involved in the Wagyu experience in Canada. This will help you access and select the Wagyu genetics which fit your needs. The following are some options:

  • Seedstock Production: You may wish to produce fullbloods or purebreds for resale to other seedstock producers or commercial producers. Seedstock producers should be prepared to exhibit and sell animals at fairs and by private treaty.
  • Cow-Calf Production: Wagyu bulls are still in short supply but the CWA has documented one ranch that has Artificially Inseminated up to 500 ranch cows for several years with an impressive success rate. The same ranch has had good results with several high percentage bulls.
  • Beef Production: There is need of a steady supply of halfbloods to develop a premium market for these animals. The Angus breed has done it in the USA with good success. Many beef fabricators stress the need for smaller carcasses.

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